Finding Family for Free, Part V

By now, you have your basic family information in notebooks, on notecards or typed into computer documents.  You’ve decided that genealogy will be an enjoyable project and you want to be sure you’re well organized.

It’s time to review the various forms and charts used by family history researchers. Many are available free on the Web to print and use.  Or use them as models and create your own versions on your computer so you can type in details for easy-to-read results.

Here are Web sites offering family record sheets, pedigree forms, family relationship charts, timelines, census forms and more. [Click on the bold, brown names to find the forms.]

Family Tree Magazine: more than 30 forms including ancestor chart, research forms, census checklist and census forms for 1790-1930, heirloom chart and more — in pdf and doc formats.  pedigree and family group charts, census forms, and research forms including research extract, research calendar, correspondence record and source summary, in pdf format.

Ancestors: pedigree forms, family group records, more, in new pdf format that lets you enter details via your computer.

Misbach: unique forms including tree chart, grandma’s box chart, fan chart and picture pedigree chart, in pdf format.

Cyndi’s List: in-depth guide to forms, charts, supplies including U.S., Canadian and U.K. census forms, most of them free.

Kindred Trails: guide to free forms and other free genealogy stuff including software, databases to search, tips

Bailey’s:  11 free forms and charts in pdf format including family record sheet, pedigree forms and various research charts.

Getting your information into forms and charts will make it easier to use and to pass on to the next generation.

This is one in a series of genealogy and family history research ideas to help you find your family and ancestors for modest or no cost.

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